Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sleepy Hallow Inspired

While Washington Irving's original story of the galloping Hessian will always remain my preference over Tim Burton's cinematic variation, the latter did succeed to impress me with its amazing atmosphere. The one scene in particular that I have always loved is the muddy road leading into the village of Sleepy Hollow, flanked by two crude stone stag head statues. This year I will have two statues of my own, however, mine are carved from pumpkins instead of stone. Halloween is awesome!


Johnny Love said...

Absolutely beautiful!


Civ said...

That's really good. Great idea! I always toy around with the idea of those stag columns for my yard display. Maybe one of these years and a lot of construction foam...BTW great site too.

J.P. said...

Thanks for the complements. I agree with you, Civ about wanting to have actual stag head statues eventually.
I can picture them at the driveway entrance of my house one day.

Unknown said...

elegant work