Monday, October 9, 2017

New Soundscape! Midnight in the Graveyard

I am proud to announce that I have started creating soundscapes again. Here is a description of the latest one:

"Go to the graveyard at midnight," they said. "It will be fun," they said. Now, as you stand with your back against the mossy walls at the back of the cemetery, it is anything but fun. In the flashes of lightning, you watch as a current of leaves swirls through the faded headstones. In the distance, a mournful church bell peals twelve o'clock. In the howling wind, you swear you can hear the voices of someone who isn't there. Across the churchyard, you can just make out the cemetery gate as it swings wildly on rusty hinges. If you could only make it there, you would be free of this living nightmare. In the twisted branches above, a murder of crows caws mockingly: "Run, Run, RUN!" This is a high-quality soundscape composition that I created for the 2017 Halloween season. For best results, experience with headphones. Enjoy!


Stephanie D said...

Fantastic! So much better than the ones I usually hear!

شوقي عوض said...
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