Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Haunted Gallery - Made with 99% Recycled Internet

Some of our visitors to the Gallery have inquired as to whether or not the sounds exhibited are for sale. While I think the soundscapes I have been making do fill gap in the market for spooky ambiance, I could not possibly charge for them.

Every audio composition that I create is stitched together from sounds I have scavenged from across the internet. If it sounds good and helps create the desired vision, I work with it. I only use the material to express creative ideas. I certainly do not want to make a profit off of creative ingredients I cannot say I own. The final composition of all the collected sounds into one, however, does represent an idea that belongs to me, and I feel that I am entitled to share that with everyone for free.

Perhaps one day I can make soundscapes that are completely my own that I could sell as an awesome collection.

If you see something that you enjoy, please feel comfortable enough to leave a comment. My creative energy is derived not only from the Halloween season, but the idea that there are people out there who enjoy looking and listening to my projects as much as I like to make them. Thank you!

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