Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Soundscape - What shall it be?

Good evening, everyone.

I have a few ideas for my next soundscape but I thought it might be fun to take a vote to see which one I make next. Below are some of my ideas, and I am not ruling out any external suggestions. Let me know which one you would like to come to life!

Option 1: The Lonely Churchyard

A dreary November afternoon. An old church cemetery on the fringes of an odd little village...

Ingredients: (provided I can find them : )
  • Light wind blowing through a single tree
  • Light wind occasionally whistling through an iron fence
  • The creaking of a metal gate
  • Leaves rustling along the ground
  • A distant crow's caw
  • Funeral bells
  • The faint noise of a shovel digging through earth
Option 2: 3a.m. in a Dark Subway Tunnel 

A storm raging across the city has forced you underground into the bowels of the subway. This stop is unfamiliar and dark... it looks too old to be in service. Hopefully the train comes before the lights short out.

  • Echoing brown noise
  • Unidentifiable industrial noises
  • Failing electrical lighting
  • Terrifying "bumps" in the night
  • Muffled subway intercom announcements
Option 3: Abandoned Carnival 

An October stroll through the rusted remains of an old county fairgrounds.
  • The sound of rubbish blowing across pavement
  • Wind blowing through chain link fence
  • The occasional clang of large metal machinery 
  • Tent flaps fluttering in the wind
  • Echoing creepy carnival music
  • The disembodied laughter of a lunatic


Unknown said...

Option 1

J.P. said...

Well, Bridgett... it was a close race but "Option 1" it is :)