Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bumps in the Night - One

Between dusk and dawn 
Falls the shadow


nitekatz69 said...

I LOVE your blog!! Came here from Pumpkinrot. The soundscapes are fantastic. I really like your blog template/background. I am assuming you created that yourself. Would you consider sharing that template or selling it? I don't blog or make videos but would love to have that as my desktop wallpaper. Please keep doing what you are doing especially the soundscapes. I love halloween, I always have and I throughly enjoy your site.


J.P. said...

Tanya, thank you for the comments. I do make most of the art on the site, including the background. You may use it as your wallpaper if you like. The blog is eerily quiet this time of year, but as we get closer to Halloween, all kinds of new material will begin to fill the gallery ... including a brand new theme for the 2012 Halloween season.