Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Along the Hangman's Wold

Back in 1995, I was given my first copy of Photoshop. From that time forward, image manipulation has been the de facto medium for expressing creative ideas in my mind. The internet is full of pictures and photographs that I  can sift through and combine, stretch, distort, recolor, and blend to bring to life a vision in my head. In the last couple of years, the internet has developed a rich collection of audio in addition to the visual. I thought I would take a crack at using the same principles I employ in my image manipulation and try to make audio manipulations. I have enclosed such an audio manipulation. The composition consists of about a dozen different sounds I managed to scavenge from the internet all stitched together to make a final product. After listening to the soundscape, it reminded me of one of my favorite horror poems. An excerpt is included below. Enjoy! 

... There was a strangeness in the horn,
A wildness in the cry,
A power of devilry forlorn
Exulting bloodily...

..."Lord God!" the shepherds said, "they come;
And see what hounds he has:
All dripping bluish fire, and dumb,
And nosing in the grass,

"And trotting scatheless through the gorse, 
And bristling in the fell.
Lord, it is Death upon the horse, 
And they're the hounds of hell!"

- The Hounds of Hell by John Masefield


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