Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Condemned Hallway

As you find yourself navigating through the darker reaches of the Haunted Gallery, I would offer this word of caution...
Visitors have occasionally reported rounding a corner only to be confronted with an impossibly long corridor. The paint is peeling, the floors are in disrepair, and some report a chilly wind that whispers incoherently into your ears as it drifts past. Even the most resolute of our guests choose wisely to terminate their progress upon stumbling upon its location. There are some visitors however, who's courage intermingles with insanity, that venture further into the enveloping darkness.
What lurks at the end of the hallway? Nobody is certain, because nobody returns. No blueprint or architectural design makes mention of such a hallway in the Gallery.
But one thing is for sure...if such a sinister hallway exists, it is not the hallway that is condemned.

Music for a Condemned Hallway

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