Monday, September 19, 2011

Midnight Ride Update

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I've just finished the second "act", for lack of a better word, of The Midnight Ride of Ichabod Crane. For reference, the whole project is being produced in approximately 5 minute acts that, will span across about 20 minutes. Of course, when the project is complete you will not be able to distinguish where one act ends and another begins. By then all of the rough edges will have been sanded down and polished into one solid soundscape. :)

The most time consuming aspect of this project is collecting the right sounds. Remember, I don't have access to professional sound effects and every sound you hear is a result of late-night scavenging missions across the internet. Even though my soundscapes are created from rummaged data and open-source software (Audacity), the final product is going to sound professional.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is near and dear to probably everyone reading this and I do not want to do the tale injustice by cutting corners. That being said, this soundscape is going to rock. Stay tuned...

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The Ghost Of Christmas Past said...


JP, excellent tribute to the world of Halloween. I have listened to your soundscapes and would like to know if I could purchase mp3s of your, or perhaps you could provide download links for them? I would really like to play these at my house to get the Halloween spirit going.