Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Soundscape - Witchcraft

The Haunted Gallery's newest soundscape follows a feisty little witch as she whips up some mysterious concoction  just before heading out for some Halloween-night mischief.

Now presenting, "WITCHCRAFT"


Mantan Calaveras said...

Great stuff! Screamin' Jay, you little rascal.

Maybe could have used a cackle or two?

Would you mind terribly if I used one or two of your soundscapes for my haunt?

J.P. said...

Necro-Reanimate (Topical Formula)
Fill cauldron with 3 parts unholy water. Bring to boil over open flame.

In a separate mixing bowl add the following:

• 1 Cup Concentrated Cathidium
• 1 oz Children’s Tears
• Approx. 5 drops Entrophic Acid
• 2 Black-Powdered Acorns (Caution)
• 2 oz Corpse Bile
• Blood of North American Rattlesnake (fresh)

Add combined ingredients to boiling unholy water. Secure any loose items before local equilibrium destabilizes. Measure effectiveness by taste only. (Caution – DO NOT SWALLOW. In case of accidental ingestion, contact Poison Control Center Immediately.)

strublay said...
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ShellHawk said...

Wonderful layering, as always!
When is Ichabod going to be ready?

J.P. said...

Thank you! The final push to complete the Ichabod soundscape will happen this coming weekend, which is perfect because I wanted to release it in the first few days of October.