Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Autumn" - A Poem to Welcome Fall

Written by J.P. 2012


Angled sun and axial tilt
Days get shorter, flora wilt
Summer dies beneath grey skies, and slowly dark encroaches


Shoots, roots, vines and branches
Barns, farms, fields, and ranches
Gather fast, for nothing lasts, a bitter breeze approaches


Blackened mold to bleach bone white
Nimbostratus eats sunlight
The twilight lust of mist and rust betrayed upon the metal


Flapping, feathered, flying “V’s”
Vector 1-8-0 degrees
They honk, “Beware!” The frigid air, it stings just like the nettle


Icy fingers slip and slither
Choke and crack and nip and wither
Atoms slow as fractals grow, the tawny leaves all glisten


Placid ether, without wave
And muffled shores of moss deprave
The air of sound and all around the dying only listen

Superstition, Halloween
Candy corn and jelly bean
Children shiver at the sight of shadows made by candlelight


Day surrenders in September
Evening rules until December
The black horizon cloaks the light and ushers in the reign of night

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