Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coming Very Soon ...

In the summer of 1911, a artist by the name of Thomas Raeburn left the big city for a two-month inspirational journey to the charmingly remote village of Hunter's Rest.  The unfortunate circumstances of his story unfold as journal entries and paintings.

Though the artist, Thomas Raeburn is a fictional character inspired largely on E.F. Benson's short story "The Man Who Went Too Far"  His paintings are mostly original photographs that I have taken personally and then manipulated with Photoshop to look as if they were painted. 

Together with the journal entries, my intent is to create a new kind of spooky story experience by having the main character appear to recall the events and illustrate the story unknowingly through his artistic talents. 

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The Gill-Man said...

I'm loving the very concept of this! The "paintings" really do have the desired effect, and the journal entry above is quite haunting (yes, I'm going back to this original post to comment after reading & viewing the later entries). Well done! Looking forward to further installments.